It was Jaipur this time!

Photo with Amitabh Bacchan at Wax Museum


They say that after 5thanniversary, a wedded couple is no longer considered as ‘newly wedded’ or ‘newly married’. I wonder the duration of newly wedded is 5 yrs, is pretty fair. I mean, after 5 years, she can make out just by my facial expressions that I forgot to do something which was bare minimum expected out of me. But the fun still remains as I never forget to forget what she told me to do…even after five years!


Art gallery at Nahargarh Fort


Well! together I and my better half travelled a distance of 5 years in timeline and this certainly called for a celebration. Jaipur which happens to be at a distance of just 5 hrs from Bikaner sounded a good destination. Road trips are always fun. Long drive and long chats. These days one seldomly chats with their partners for long and find it comfortable to blame our hectic lifestyles! It was fun to rewind old memories starting from how we met and how things evolved later in our lives individually and as couple too! Our sweet and sour memories kept us engrossed in each other and we realized that it had started raining outside. Droplets of water on windscreen of our car were sliding as if they were enjoying being liberated from the clouds. We could not resist our temptation to stop at dhaba for a cup of chai.


It was an old peaceful dhaba. Around a neem tree there were two old cots with new red and green plastic straps. An old rusted air compressor lying nearby added its charm in making the ambience more rural and disconnected from that part of globe from where we were cruising down. It was drizzling yet comfortable to sit outside. As we stopped, an old uncle came to us. I raised my hand indicating two chai to avoid old man to walk the whole distance. I leaned on the cot and Swati sat beside me. It was the moment. I was looking up in the sky. Droplets of water falling over us. I realized that it had been ages that I had looked towards sky adoring nature.


We reached Jaipur at around 8pm and felt like having a cup of Coffee before we could go to our guestroom. The moment we stepped into nearest @CafeCoffeeDay which was at Vaishali Nagar, Swati started deep breath spreading her arms, making it so obvious that we are coming from a place where there is no CCD! “Take a deep breath, feel it. It’s amazing. The aroma of Coffee”. Well, I feel happy too seeing her enjoying every moment!


A very dear friend of ours had told us that it would be criminal to skip Pani Poori from “Maa Durga Special Panch Pani ke Patisa”(yes, that’s the one!) He sent us the location and we had landed there. After that, we reached our guestroom and sooner we realized, we were fast asleep. The next day started at 7am and we were really hungry. Again our Secret Santa, our friend told us that we should check out “Indian Coffee House”. ICH can be found in several cities of the country which belongs to a cooperative society. Well, as far as ambience is concerned, one can co-relate it will setup of a restaurant of 1980s! Certainly not so charming but the menu of ICH is something which could still attract crowd. 8 in the morning and ICH was house full of foreigner and Indian crowd. He had our fill and moved on to our first destination: Jal Mahal.


Unfortunately, boat services to go to Jal Mahal per se has been stopped. Needless to say, the area banks of late were ill maintained and was surrounded by hawkers and beggars. We moved to our next destination which was Nahargarh Fort. We were greeted by the receptionist, a male receptionist! We were astonished to know that there was a wax museum there. Rs 500 per person as ticket for wax museum and glass house, initially sounded exuberant but we were on vacation, we could not afford to miss it! We were told that photography inside wax museum using own cameras are prohibited. If one wants images to be clicked, there are photographers who could be hired. I felt like what’s use of having such a powerful machine in my hands.


It was out of the world! The wax museum is just amazing. We were seeing wax statue which looked so real. Simply outstanding. Marilyn Monroe looked stunning, even in the statue! It was a really fun to see statues of Mr Amitabh Bacchan  and Sir Rajnikant too. After that, we moved to Glass House which was not less than a miracle in itself. Something where you remain speechless admiring the beautiful architecture and thought process behind it.


 As we left from Nahargarh Fort it started raining. It was really beautiful to see Jaipur city from Nahargarh Fort enjoying rain. We were starving and headed towards Laxmi Misthan Bhandar (LMB). It was a crowded restaurant in centre of the city. We tried Rajasthani Thali. Of course sharing one thali is not permissible! I could seriously foresee that how much Swati was going to eat in that thali! It was somewhat like we ordered two thalis, ate around one thali and left another…quantity wise. Well!


We never realized how we spent our four days in the city. It was not at all a planned trip yet it turned out to be real fun and memorable. Few other places that we covered were Albert Museum, Jaigarh Fort, Birla Mandir, etc…one can find endless list of places to see in Jaipur on Google! 


I’m happy that we spent our anniversary exploring a new cit. I believe that one should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life! Happy exploring!

Art gallery at Nahargarh Fort