Chanderi Village

Chanderi Fort

It was around 9 at night when we reached our new travel destination. It was a partially hilly region and we were getting a feel of suffocation due to low internet connectivity. Somehow we realized that it was something else which was bothering us. It was a natural process called ‘hunger’. We started to ask people about restaurants and eating joints available. My wife was sitting inside the car, when I stepped out to enquire. I came to know that it was easy to manage a ‘joint’ as compared to ‘a good food joint’! We were in Chanderi Village.

Someone told that there is one near SBI ATM at the corner called ‘Jain Bhojnalay’. While searching we just passed by a depilated dark building. After travelling around couple of kms on the same road, I asked someone about this restaurant. Trust me, ‘Google ki Beti’ (Google Navigation) has to learn more about ‘Incredible India’! That dark building happened to be that same Jain Bhojnalay. When we reached there, just by the glimpse of the restaurant we decided that we’re taking parcel.

I went inside the restaurant and spoke to the owner Mr Sanjeev Jain (09301388733). He happened to be a good man and this good man narrated the whole menu in a single breath to me. While he was rattling out Kadhai Paneer, Martar Paneer, Shahi Paneer… Don’t Forget Me Paneer, I was scrolling dialed list of my phone. He was going on and on with a frustrated look as why I was not paying attention to his never ending list of Paneer. The moment he finished I took a deep breath again and mustered some courage to request him to narrate the whole menu again to my wife over phone who was sitting in the car! Trust me, he was a good man. He narrated the whole list again.

Swati leaves no stone unturned to make me realize that ‘life is beautiful’. She heard the whole menu over the phone and in the end she said “Bhaiya! Main aati hu” I told you, he was a good man. Mr Jain narrated the whole menu third time which went unnoticed again as in the end of his narration, Swati said “Bhaiya, aapki sabse acchi dish kon si hai?” I assumed that he must be angry by now. So to divert his attention from Paneer, I asked him about the village and places where we can go.

Mr Jain was really a good man. He joined us on the table when we had nearly finished our dinner and told us places where we can go in next two days. I made my notes. Well, it was time for us to search for some place to live for next couple of days. Oh! I did not mention, food at Jain Bhojnalay was unexpectedly tasty. Strongly recommended!

Badal Mahal at Chanderi Village

Hotels: Well, there are few hotels in this village and none of them offer 24 hrs check out facilities, it’s generally by 10 am. Details are as following:

  • Hotel Tana Bana.
    • Rs 2000 per day. Check out time 1000H.
    • Slightly away from Chanderi market per se.
  • Hotel Shiv Kunj.
    • Different types of rooms available.
    • We took Rs 1250 per day rooms.
    • Awesome rooms.
    • Newly built.
    • Amazing toiletries and super clean rooms.
    • Check out time 10am extendable to 12pm at max.
  • Hotel Shyam Vatika.
    • Rs 1200. Average rooms. No TV.
    • Check out time 1000H.
    • Not recommended.
Batisi Baoli at Chanderi Village

Next day morning, we started our exploration by 6. It was a nice sunny day, good for travelling and photography. But before that it was time for us to hunt for a tea stall. Swati is a tea addict. She want one in the morning and one in the evening. No compromises at all. We found one tea stall. She took a sip and threw the remaining aside. It was not as per her taste. Shaukh badi cheez hai! But then we found another one.

What to wear?

Badal Mahal: Our first destination was Badal Mahal. Badal Mahal has a gate which was built by Sultan Mehmood Shah Khilji. We reached there early in the morning. We spent some time there and then we left for another destination. I was feeling hungry. We tried the combination of Poha and Jilebi.

Poha is served with many different types of combinations in different parts of our country. In Madhya Pradesh, it is Poha and Jilebi. If you happen to go towards Maharastra, it’s Tarri (gravy) Poha. Once we were travelling from Jaipur, we had our breakfast at one Poha stall. He used to serve Poha with 21 different ingredients. It was one of the best that we had had till date. Well…back to Chanderi!

Jain Temple at Khandarji:                 Next was Jain Temple at Khandarji. This temple has 45 feet long stone carve statue of first Jain Tirthankara Rishabhnath who was also called as Adinath. It was really very peaceful. Surprisingly, even my wife was also quiet! We stayed there for some time and then we moved towards our next destination called ‘Kati Ghati’. 

Batisi Baoli

Kati Ghati:       This destination was amazingly interesting. Although it looked like a simple passage cut across a mountain but its historical tale made it very interesting. Construction of Kati Ghati was ordered by Jiman Khan, who was son of Governor of Chanderi, Sher Khan in AD 1495. 

The story goes as: Jiman Khan wanted to welcome Sultan of Malwa, Ghyasuddin Khilji, who was about to arrive the very next day, by building a gateway across the mountain on the southern side of Chanderi. Jiman Khan announced a handsome reward of any such mason who could complete the construction in just one night. A mason accepted the assignment and successfully completed it in one night with his hard working team. Next day, when Jiman Khan inspected the gate, the was surprised yet declared the assignment incomplete stating that there were no hinges and gates. He refused to reward the mason. Mason walked away empty handed and later committed suicide. I’m sure many of my friends can corelate with this story as month of appraisal has just passed. Anyways! It was time for us to move to our next destination.

There were numerous places that we visited. I must inform you that two days are not enough to visit all the places in Chanderi.

Few other places to see:

  • Chanderi fort or Raja Kirti Pal fort.
    • Hawa Mahal.
    • Mosque.
    • Jouhar Smarak.
  • Samadhi of Baiju Bawra.
  • Shehzadi ka Rauza.
  • Laxman ji ka Mandir.
  • Badi mazaar.
  • Jageshwari Mandir.
  • Amraee Rural Tourist Resort.
  • Jama Masjid.
  • Chanderi Museum.
  • Koshak Mahal.
  • Singhpur Mahal.
  • Budhi Chanderi.
  • Chakala Baoli.
  • Rajghat dam.
  • Battisi Baoli.