Andamans & Nicobar Island

Exploring beautiful beaches

Scuba diving

Sea food

Bird watching 



Stay at hotel



Andamans Islands is one of the most beautiful travel and holiday destinations in India. We spent 6 days and 7 nights in Andamans. Exploring beautiful beaches, scuba diving, sea food, bird watching, snorkelling, photography, stay at hotel, sailing in ships & ferries and what not, we did it all. 

It was a pleasant break from our hectic routine life. Watching sun setting at the far end of the ocean, enjoying soothing sound of water sitting at the jetty till our eyes were filled with sleep and chatting till the time you fall short of stories…what else one can ask being on vacations.

Andamans Trip: Japanese Boilers

Blog 01: Day 1 & 2

Andamans is something which can hardly be described in black and white, but only felt. It offers a pause in life, a pause to breath and repair your universe and then proceed. In Andamans, you have not bought any vacation package but time to do nothing which often brings perspective in life.

We explored Cellular Jail in second half of Day 1 after landing at Port Blair. Second day, we went on trip of Triple Island. Do read my Blog 01 on Andamans covering Day 01 & 02.

Andamans Trip: Visit to Cellular Jail - View from roof
Andamans Trip: Returning from Triple Island Trip

Blog 02: Day 3 & 4

After Day 01 & 02, we started feeling native of Andamans. We started exploring more destinations, more beaches and more restaurants (vegan especially). We are still not sure that we were exploring Andamans or were we exploring each others! I guess love was in the air.

We saw most of the museums and inland destinations in these two days. Read Blog 02: covering Day 03 & 04 to know more.

Blog 03: Day 5 & 6

After these four days, there was an iota of remorse that the trip is about to get over. We sailed in bigger ships in these last two days to explore bigger and more beautiful destinations like Radha-Krishna Beach, Havelock Island & Chidiya Tapu.

Read Blog 03: covering Day 5 & 6 to know more about these places.