Google Maps- Blog 2

Google Maps App: Find 'live traffic updates', 'parking lots' & 'nearby places

This blog is focused to illustrate how to share your location, exploring nearby places, zooming in/out single handedly & to find your car in parking location.

In the chronology, this is my second blog on Google Maps. Needless to say that Google Maps had been a boon for all the travellers and wanderers like me but I realized that I was not using Google Maps that efficiently before I started preparing for this blog. Nevertheless, its never that late as far as learning anything is concerned.

Just a recap, in my last blog (Google Blog-1) I shared information about following:

       (a).           Saving Home location on Google Maps.

       (b).           Saving Favorite location on Google Maps.

       (c).           Searching friends’ location more easily.

       (d).           Google Maps Public Transport feature.

Moving on, this is my another blog which is about using technology for backing Wanderlust!

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Share & locate 'my location'

Many a times, I find it difficult to tell someone over phone ‘where I am’? For a traveller like me who keeps on moving from one place to another, it become difficult to ask from strangers that what is name of that place. Well, I guess Google Maps App does. 

Just go to Google Maps and tap for a second on the location and drop a pin there. Scroll up and select ‘Share’ option and wait for the time your friends reach you to get the party started. Isn’t it simple! 

This feature of Google Maps makes it easier to locate your friends and family easily and gets directions to reach there faster.

Pin dropped at Google Maps indicating your location
Share location option of Google Maps App
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Exploring nearby places as per their Opening Time

Exploring ‘nearby places’ has become more easy using Google Maps App. It tells us directions of restaurants, petrol refilling stations, temples and shopping centres nearby our location based upon live traffic status. 

The app also lets us to add filters to our search options based upon its Google Ratings and Opening/Closing timings. 

Google Maps App: Search Nearby
Restaurants near me
Restaurants open now & its ratings
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Google Maps App: Zoom In/Out Single Handedly

Although Google Maps can be zoomed to a certain limit by double taping on the screen and also by pinching in/out by two fingers, there is another method by which maps can be zoomed in/out single handedly, perhaps while driving. Just tap twice by one finger and on second tap, swipe up to zoom out and swipe down to zoom in.

Supposedly, you are going somewhere and Google Maps is navigating between traffic, this single handed zoom in/out feature comes handy to find parking lots or to try out some alternate directions!

Google Maps App giving driving directions
Zoomed in to a location
Zoomed out for a bigger perspective
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Saving your parking location: 'find my car'

One of the best features of Google Maps is that a person like me can save the place where he has parked his car. Yes! Google Maps can save your car parking location with exact precision. Worth giving it a try!

Just tap the blue blob showing your own location and you can save your car parking location. Perhaps a good feature to easily find your car in airport parking or in shopping malls!

Blue blob showing your location
Tap on blob to get these options
Save your car parking location
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Checking traffic en-route: latest traffic update

Needless to say, negotiating traffic when you’re in a hurry is a pain. Google Maps enables us to check the live traffic status and change our route accordingly to minimise travel duration. 

Just tap on three dots at top right corner and select ‘All traffic’ checkbox. Google will start indicating traffic status using green, orange and red colours (in increasing order of traffic congestion).

Directions without traffic update
Get traffic news: All traffic option
Traffic near me
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Google Maps is one of the best Navigational Tool for those who are bitten by travelling bug and the icing on cake is that it’s free! There are so many features which even if we don’t know, no harm will happen, but if we know, it will smoothen our task and reduce the non productive duration.

Till now, I have shared nine features of Google Maps. Stay turned by ‘Subscribing’ our website for the next coming blog in same series. 

Keep smiling!