The Magic of Black & White

Magic of Black and White

My last few months were just crazy. Shifting your well settled home from one place to a totally new place and struggling to get the decent internet connection can take toll on your work life. But finally I am back with my fashion blogs. In this blog, I’m playing with the magic of ‘Black and White’. 

The combination of ‘Black and White’ is one of my favourite combinations to work with. This time, I chose to give a twist to a beautiful 6 yards fabric and paired it with a waistband and ballerinas.

I love draping sarees in their traditional ways but sometimes adding a fusion touch to it is not a bad idea. Playing with ‘Black and White’ this time, I draped a simple georgette ‘Black and White’ saree making sure that pleats are done neatly on the shoulder.

As I always say that a skilled tailor is the blessing, fortunately, this time also my new tailor had not disappointed me and got me stitched a perfect waistband to go well with the saree.

Magic of Black and White with Black Waist Band

As this time, I’m experimenting with ‘Black and White’ looks, I decided to ditch my pair of heels and chose to pair my graceful saree with ballerinas by @dhortheyperkins for the look.


Magic of Black and White with Black Ballerinas

Finally, I completed my B&W look with cube shaped bag which I just picked randomly from the local store.

Magic of Black and White with Cube Shaped Bag

Thank you so much for being with me in this journey till this junction. I’ll meet you all in my next blog on upcoming Wednesday! Till then, take care and stay stylish!


Outfits purchased from

  1. Cube Shaped Bag:-           Local buy.
  2. Black & White Saree:-       @JeeHazur in Nagpur.
  3. Ballerinas:-
  4. Waist Band:-                    Tailor Stitched.

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