The Knotted Affair

H Hi everyone!!! 

My this blog is particularly dedicated to those energetic ladies who are chasing their stipulated suffocating target deadlines clad in serious formal dress code round the clock. Formal clothing has its own class and enigma in appearance. Generally, for daily office goers, formals are considered boring or they tend to become boring but creating an interesting looks without spoiling the decorum of ‘the formal dress code’ is what we call as ‘being in-vogue!’.

With this same thought, I have added this new piece to my closet – Paper Bag Waist Pants & I simply loved it! It is so distinctive from the ‘usual regular pants’ for women and looks very chic and stylish.

There is something unique about these pants. These ‘Paper Bag waist Trousers / Pants’ are usually scrunch at waist & tied with the same fabric belt.

I paired these super high waist woven pants with the black shirt which looks rich and just perfect for any formal meeting.

I accessorised the whole attire with the black satchel bag and grey stilettos to make it more trendy.

Satchel bag is a good fashion piece to go with formal pairing. Just to give a different perspective,   I used a ‘Knotted Silk Grey and Black Scarf‘ to go with the overall look.

Fashion is all about keep on trying the new things and breaking the monotony of daily routine look. Paper bag waist creates an interesting look and effortlessly brings a good alternative to ‘business suits for women’.

I will end this blog with a thanking note to all of you for your valuable love and support for my blogs. Hope you will enjoy this blog too. I will come again with my next blog till then take care, keep smiling and love your life.


Happy reading and happy weekend. 🙂

Outfit details

  1. Grey Paper Waist Bag Trouser:-
  2. Satchel Bag: –                          Local Buy.
  3. Grey Stilettoes:-