Coral – The New Black

On the outset, I would like to make an honest confession that due to increase in scope of my Fashion related work, it has become incredibly hectic and creatively challenging for me to be regular with my Blogs, especially when it comes to planning Fashion Photoshoots! Well, I’m learning to deal with it.

At times, a prolong hectic work schedule starting taking toll on your mental health. As a get-away, we planned an unplanned short trip to ‘City of Nawabs – Lucknow’. Lucknow is also called ‘City of Tehzeeb’ and believe me, it is. It’s a beautiful city with incredibly divine culture and equally soft spoken chivalrous people. So, being City of Nawabs, it is bound to have beautiful architectural heritage and how can a Fashion Buff like me skip a chance of Fashion Photoshoot there?

I have found my new love these days. I believe, ‘Coral Colour’ is one of the most enigmatic and equally stylish of all the colours in the palette. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that #Coral is the #NewBlack and is really in vogue these days.

Coral - the new Black

It was a feeling of love at first sight when I saw ‘Mermain Tail Hem’ Coral Pants at #BrandsRepublic               ( ) . The Coral Colour is incredibly fresh in appearance and is totally perfect to celebrate the vibes of new city!

Coral - the new Black
Coral - the new Black

I paired these pair of Coral Pants with Black Sleeveless Top and accessorised it with my beloved ‘Collar Pins’. I always recommend to invest on good collar pins. Finally, I chose to carry a Black Sling Bag in #Swede with black Kitten Heels totally complementing the outfit.

Coral - the new Black

‘Deewaro ke bhi kaam hote hai’, well, I’d have never trusted on this till we went to an historical monument called ‘Bhul Bhulaiya’. I’m sure that one has to visit to witness that how sound is carried through walls of the building. Our Day 01 was well spent on exploring these monuments amidst mesmerising romantic rains. Indeed, the short Lucknow Trip was incredibly rejuvenating!

Coral - the new Black

Wishing that you’ll will have a great #weekend . I’ll wholeheartedly try to catch you’ll next #Saturday with my another Blog with new outfit pairing where I will be sharing a bit more about Lucknow.

Coral - the new Black
Coral - the new Black

Till then take care and keep smiling…  

Outfits purchased from

  1. Coral Pants                                   :-          Brands Republic, Nagpur. 
  2. Sleeveless Top                                         :-          @Allen Solly
  3. Collar pins                                                 :-
  4. Black kitten heels                          :-          @koovs
  5. Black Swede bag                                     :-               Local purchase

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