Saree Saga : Indigo Love With Fusion Twist

HHi everyone!!!! This blog of mine is a bit different from my other blogs. Though I love pairing western outfits but my love for sarees knows no boundaries. It has been more than 4 years when I fell in love with these 6 yard magic pieces.

Every saree has a story to tell and it has been a story in itself for me covering every mile travelling by road to know the stories behind these sarees. The more I knew about these sarees, the more respect and inclination increased in my heart for them. The story of saree which I’m sharing today is a saga in itself which survived and got passed on from generations to generations. These sarees are made by 10-15 craftsmen on sunny days. Its ‘Dabu Print Indigo Saree!’

Saree Saga : Indigo Love With Fusion Twist

Block printing is a centuries old Indian art form of printing the fabrics using designs engraved on wooden blocks. I just love the hand block printed sarees. A lot of hard work and numerous steps are involved in making one beautiful saree. 

Since long I wanted to have an ‘Indigo Dabu Block Print Saree’ in my saree collection & zeroed down to this beautiful saree. I was lucky enough to personally witnessed the painstaking process of making of this saree. No wonder I’m more in love with this beautiful saree crafted by ancient skill. 

Saree Saga : Indigo Love With Fusion Twist

The fabric of this saree is Maheshwari Silk. Generally, it involves several stages in making Maheshwari Silk saree.

  1. Stage one: Washing of fabric. Maheshwari Silk fabric is washed 3 times in water to remove any impurities and starch from fabric.
  2. Stage two: Dying. A special paste is prepared using natural black clay dug out from the ponds. This clay is mixed with wheat chaff (Gehu ka Burada) + Gum from Babul trees + lime stone (Chuna).
  3. Stage three: Block Printing. Now with the help of wooden blocks, the designs are imprinted on these sarees.
  4. Stage four: Indigo treatment. Now, this whole saree is dipped in Indigo dye (Neel). The clay paste (mentioned in stage two) prevents the dye from penetrating in the areas printed with paste.

Then the whole saree is dried in natural sunlight for oxidation which creates the bright Indigo color. 

Saree Saga : Indigo Love With Fusion Twist

To increase the elegance, I paired this saree with the collared shirt blouse and for a twist & styled it using copper collar pins.

Saree Saga : Indigo Love With Fusion Twist

Collar pins are generally considered the statement piece from men’s fashion. But as fashion is all about trying new things, I thought to paired it with shirt blouse and I just loved the results.

I would love to know what is your thought on this fusion experiment? Thank you so so much for reading. I will see you soon with my next blog. Till then take care, keep smiling and love your life.

Happy reading 🙂

Outfit details

  1. Saree: Local purchase.
  2. Collar pins: Link placed.