JUMPSUIT – Not an Underrated Piece Anymore

‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping!’

An Italian artist called Thayat designed first ever #Jumpsuit in 1919 for sky divers, literally a suit for jumping! A divine Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli introduced the Jumpsuit to #Fashion world in ‘30s and rest is the history. 

Lost in oblivion, it was not long before that the Jumpsuit came into the trend once again. Jumpsuits are incredibly perfect blend of ease, comfort, attitude and refinement. It is often debated that Jumpsuits lack the elegance and formal vibes. But the right jumpsuit – its design, fabric and the detailing can totally transfer this casual piece to a boardroom outfit. Nipped in waist defining your silhouette can certainly redefine your stature.

The combination of Black and White can offer effortless impact in your class. Recently during my unplanned trip to Lucknow, I chose one of my favourite Jumpsuits, a sartorial statement of elegance.

Lucknow trip

The colour Black and White for a Jumpsuit is a splendid combination which can be a cooler alternative for cocktail dress by night yet suit runways and red carpets.

Lucknow trip

This Jumpsuit from @stalkbuylove has a lapel collar design which is making the complete outfit even more edgy and classy. What can I say more, it’s my man’s favourite too 😉

Lucknow trip

As I was in mood to explore the city, I simply paired the jumpsuit with Black Solid #Ballerinas from @DorothyPerkins for the comfort. The Swede Black #Satchel bag is glorifying my fashion’s love affair.

Places to visit in Lucknow

At the end of an exciting yet tiring day, we headed to a fine dining restaurant. From utilitarian 1950’s workwear to street-style outfit, Jumpsuits have travelled a long way. The garment which was designed as an outfit for parachutes and skydivers, today is considered chic, edgy and uncomplicated fashion statement.

Formal and edgy Jumpsuits are my new love. What do you feel about this, do let me know. I would love to hear from you. I will meet you all in my next Fashion Diving blog. Stay tuned and keep smiling.

Lucknow trip

Outfits purchased from

  1. Black and white Jumpsuit                    @Stalkbuylove
  2. Black Ballerinas                                   @Koovs
  3. Black Swede Satchel Bag          Local Buy
  4. Black Chain Neckpiece           @Ajio

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