Hello Summers

Hello Summers

0Once again it is time to welcome a new vibrant season of the year. Its time now to get out of layers of clothes, shed some heavy makeup & cut some calories rich food. It is time to go lite! It is time to adapt minimalism & to give space to comfortable tees, flat footwear, capris and sneakers. Yes, it’s time to say – Hello Summers!!!!!

Although I love all the seasons & so are the summers. For me summers can be defined in three words- ‘Comfortable, Chic and Congenial’. In this season less is more. To adhere to this mantra of summers, I took out one of the most comfortable tees to pair up with denims from my closet for a short road trip.

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Comfortable tees are a bit loose to fit and are more airy which help our bodies to beat the summer blues. It is best to go for outings during daytimes and just for a sophisticated look adding a structured simple jacket can do wonders.

Here I am wearing tees in bright magenta colour. As these tees are really loose, I tied a simple knot at the bottom to give a bit of shape to it and to add some character to the entire outfit.

Apart from this, a little pocket on this tee is an add-on to its coolness quotient.

Although I always love to pair tees with sneakers but as this time my sneakers were on the way from Myntra so I had to pair these tees with black denims, wedges and a sling bag.  

& as I said, in summers “less is more”. Just a wrist watch was enough to complete the look.

Summers are one season where one can take break from routine monotony of life. It’s time to pamper yourself. It’s time to go for those long waited holidays and to meet some loved & dear ones or even to give time to your hobbies or to learn something new!! This summers I am learning the ‘Art of Jewellery Making’. I would love to know about your plans. This way, who knows, we might end up inspiring each others.

I’ll meet you all in my another blog. Till then, take care, keep smiling and love your life. 


Blog focus: Clothes | Makeup | Food | Footwear | Capris | Sneakers

Clothes & Accessories:

(a).  Magenta Tees:   Reliance Trends
(b).  Wrist watch:      Daniel Klein
(c).  Sling Bag:         Local purchase.

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