Thank you

A thank you note for you

HHi everyone!!!!
First of all, I really want to apologize as this blog is coming after a small break. I got a bit occupied with certain events and was also working with the contents for my upcoming blogs. Believe me, it is quite exciting and I request you all to keep showering the same love as you all are showering till now. I am thankful to nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family and dreams that turned into reality.


I am still not over with the women’s day celebration. So before I could have shared the new pairing idea with all of you, I realized it is my 10th blog. So I decided to pause and I thought to dedicate this blog to all those beautiful women out there who motivated me & my work, took out time to read my blogs & made efforts to reply and give their feedbacks.

When I had started writing blogs I was a bit skeptical but you know when we support each other incredible things happen. It is so amazing to connect with the like minded people and showing faith in each others’ dream.  

Thank you all for your part in my journey!

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