Reaching Mandvi: Rann Festival

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Rann Festival at White Rann

Rann Festival: Sunset at Mandvi Beach

What next? There were two options this time: Wine Festival at Nashik or Rann Festival at Bhuj. And wife is always right, we were going to Rann Festival at Bhuj. I thought of looking for other options but then a married man loves peace too! ‘Bhuj it is’!

Hotels, flights, bookings, travel plans, food joints, ATMs and Ola…so many questions were to be answered. Google Baba ki Jai!

We started at 7am from Nagpur. The happiness of booking train tickets at last moment (2days back) and then it gets confirmed…is priceless. Step 1 of plan was simple: hire an Ola Auto, go to Kasturchand Park, have Tari Poha and Samosa and then board the train!

We reached Bhopal at around 4pm and we were famished. We headed straight to Indian Coffee House. Chole Bhature and Masala Dosa…it was literally like ‘Maa ke hath ka khana’.

Air India
Air India
Air India

Step 2 of plan was rolling now. At around 6pm, we reached Bhopal Airport (Raja Bhoj International Airport) and without wasting any time we headed towards Check In counter to get rid of our Check In luggage. I was hell scared as my wife often took her steps towards those extra expensive Handloom Shops at Airport. I was lucky, at least that day, she did not buy anything .

Our flight from Bhopal to Mumbai was on time and we reached Mumbai at around 11pm. I love Air India flights. They serve meals too (don’t judge me!)

Step 3 of plan was again no rocket science. We had to take our luggage and body to another flight to reach Bhuj but before that we had whole night to explore Mumbai Airport. At around 2am, we had delicious Subway (paapi pet ka sawal tha). Needless to mention, Mumbai Airport is one of the most beautiful Airports that I have ever seem.

At around 7am, we boarded our flight to Bhuj. It was a 2 hours long flight. After spending the night at such a happening Airport, reaching Bhuj was a cultural shift. We collected our luggage and stepped out.

Air India flight Mumbai to Bhuj

Now the plan was that we had no plans! We had to reach Mandvi which is around 60kms from Bhuj. Well, there are two options: either you hire a cab (Rs1200) or go by State Transport (ST) Bus (Rs35 per person). Yes you guessed it right! We boarded the costlier vehicle…the Bus!

I am OK with Busses but it was a travel test for my Better Half. I thought she might become Bitter Half but then I was wrong about her as usual! She enjoyed the ride. We reached Mandvi at around 10am and hired an Auto to our Hotel (Rs30)…the Kalash Hotel.

After traveling around 1300 kms using various modes of transportations we managed to reach Mandvi, Kutch.

Travel Plan Summary

a. Reaching Nagpur Railway Station: By #Ola
b. Train: 12721 Nizamuddin Express. Nagpur (D: 0915H) to Bhopal (A: 1645H).
c. From Bhopal Railway Station to Bhopal Airport: By #Ola
d. Flight: AI632 Air India. From Bhopal (D: 2150H) to Mumbai (A: 2325H).
e. Flight: AI9625 AIr India. From Mumbai (D: 0635H) to Bhuj (A:0830H).
f. From Bhuj Airport to Bhuj ST Bus Stop. Auto. Rs200/- (can be bargained)
g. From Bhuj ST Bus Stop to Mandvi (Rukmavati Bridge Bus Stop). Local Bus. Rs35 per head.
h. From Rukmavati Bridge to Hotel Kalash. Auto. Rs 30. Mob: 9730300025