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Google Maps, a web mapping service was started in Feb 2005 by Google. Designers named Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen designed this program in a company called Where 2 Technologies which was acquired by Google in Oct 2004. In the same month, Google also acquired a Geospatial data visualisation company Keyhole with a controversial investment from the CIA and a real-time traffic analyser company ZipDash and used them to produce what we today call ‘Google Maps’.

Most of the Google imagery is of high resolution taken by low flying aircraft at an altitude of around 240-460m. Most of the satellite imagery is not more than three years old and are being updated regularly. Google Maps was determined to be the world’s most popular app for smartphones with over 54% of global smartphone users using it.

Google Maps apps for was released in Sep 2008 although it was under trial since 2007. Some updates launched by Google in 2017 enabled Indian users a ‘two-wheeler transportation mode’ for improved traffic accessibility.

Important features

The prime focus of this blog is to illustrate some of the important but less known features of Google Maps. I’ll be covering few such less known features based on both Smartphone and PC.

1.    Save HOME and WORK location

Make sure you save HOME and WORK locations on Google Maps. 

This will not only make your location searchoperation faster but also save you from hassle of typing in case of your are in between traffic.

(a).    Open Google Maps on Android Smartphone. (Refer first image).

(b).    On top left side, go to three lines (Refer first image).

(c).    Go to ‘Settings’ and further to ‘Edit home or work’ option (Refer second image).

(d).    Google Maps will automatically mark blog on your current location which you can label as ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ 

2.    Save your favourite location


Saving your favourite location is very easy and it will save your time when you happen to revisit the same location as Google Maps will be aware that where you want to go.

Just search the place in Search Window of Google    Maps and select ‘Save’ option.

3.  Find you friends' address

Address Saved

Address Saved in Contacts on Google Maps


This is another very helpful feature of Google Maps. Just save complete location of your friend/destination in your phone contacts.

(a).     Whenever you have to go to your friend’s place, just click address from contact menu.

(b).     Google Maps will automatically open and show route from your location to the destination.

4.    Find public transportation

Nagpur to Futala


            Swapping to Public transport option


Public transport on Google Maps

Public Transport!!!
It’s really amazing to know that Google Maps also helps in finding out all available public transport between start and finish points.

(a).    Google Maps app shows four options in front i.e. car, bike, train and walking. Public transport option remains hidden. Swipe these four options to left to reveal public transport option shown by ‘person standing with a luggage’.

(b).    After selecting public transport option, all available option   gets displayed at bottom e.g. Uber, Ola, etc.

(c).   Further, on selection of options displayed below, Google Maps also displays rate lists as per types of services available by the respective company.

These were some features of Google Maps. Few other features are coming soon in next blog.
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