Eternal question: What to wear?​

I am incredibly fond of two things in my life – Fashion & Travel. It feels awesome that for me both goes hand in hand. Recently, we were on a completely unplanned road trip from Nagpur to Sachi. It was supposed to be a two days long trip! Once we were done with Sachi, we thought to extend our trip to Pachmarhi and then to a village called Chanderi as well. Well, this is the beauty of road trips. You cast your own plans and you bake your own happiness cake! You have full liberty to amend your travel plans.

After exploring Sachi, we reached our next unplanned destination Chanderi Village. As decided, we were all set to start exploring the village by the first light but I was struck at the biggest question of the century – WHAT TO WEAR? Although I had packed my stuff adequately for this short trip but, like always, I found myself struggling again with this eternal question. I know most of you can correlate with this situation. 

It was time for me to wear creative hat and come out with some stylish way out. I had two outfits with me:  ‘One shirt dress’ and ‘One high and low skirt’. I decided to pair up the two outfits and to create one completely different look. 

(BTW, I had tried the same look using different shirt dress on my YouTube Channel – )

Going with the ‘fashion life saver’ blue pallet, I had paired my ‘floral shirt dress‘ with a ‘solid navy blue high and low skirt‘.

What to wear?

Thereafter, I accessorised the whole look with a pair of blue shoes, tan colour duffle shape bag & a super trendy oversized blue shades which is my current favourite. 

What to wear?

As I was all covered on the top, the high and low skirt was totally balancing my whole outfit. I wonder if men could understand that balancing an outfit is not done using ‘spring balance’!

What to wear?
What to wear?

These days, I am completely loving the idea of mixing two different outfits and creating a new looks. Let me know if you are liking these ideas and do drop your views in the comment section below. It will motivate me to continue sharing such ideas with all of you. 

I will meet you soon in my next blog. Till then take care and love your life. Bye.

What to wear?

Outfit Details:

  1. Shirt dress :                    Max India.  
  2. High & low skirt:              Max India.
  3. Shoes:                            Max India.
  4. Oversize Shades:             Vision Express.
  5. Duffle shape bag :           20 dresses   

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