DIY Shrug Top with High Boots

DIY Shrug Top with High Boots

Hi everyone!!! First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for the love  and support for my 1st blog. That means a lot to me. Such positive words really motivates to keep going. Thank you so much one and all.

So, here I am with my 2nd blog. Today, I am pairing Shrug with High Boots. But here is a twist. I tried to convert the old boring shrug into a top.. & I loved the results.

I just loved its fall and the cowl neck effect it is creating & the stripes are making it more interesting.

As it is winter, I paired this shrug  with turtleneck black top. This awesome combination of turtleneck and cowl-neck is giving an interesting look!

And not to forget the high boots-one of the most the most interesting pieces in the closet during winters.

I also used the pop of color in form of crimson red handbag to break the monochromatic look.


Finally, I finished the whole look using Pearl Choker, curled hairs, and a wrist watch.

Winters are all about layering and putting together different pieces to create one fresh look.

“As they say fashion is all about having fun”


So just keep having fun…Thank you so much for reading. Will be coming with my next blog on Wednesday. Till then keep smiling and love your life. It is precious.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

P.S  Will be coming soon with the video for DIY shrug top… So stay tuned..:)

Outfit purchased from:

    1. B&L Shrug:             BARE Denim
    2. Turtle neck Top:      BARE Denim
    3. Pearl Choker:         Globus
    4. Boots :                  Local Buy
    5. Crimson Red Bag:   Local Buy

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